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Lucky Dube Legacy, Music, Children, And Remember Me

Lucky Dube (August 3, 1964–October 18, 2007) was a renowned South African reggae singer and songwriter. He achieved international acclaim for his uplifting music and uplifting lyrics. He Tragically died in a carjacking incident in the Rosettenville suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. His music is electrifying and still hard-hitting for its combination of reggae melodies with lyrics that fixate on social and political topics. Such as apartheid and the fight for liberation and justice in South Africa. Popular songs from his discography include “Slave”, “Remember Me”, “Different Colors”, and “Rasta Never Die”.

Legacy Of Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube’s legacy is one that goes beyond the borders of South Africa. He was a trailblazer in bringing reggae to the mainstream of African music and bridging the divide between different cultures. Dube’s music helped give Africa a voice and bring its culture to the world, joining the global reggae scene. His music was not just a way to have fun but also a way to fight oppression and political struggles. The lyrics in his music and message are still relevant today. Reminding us of how music can heal, motivate, and bring about change.

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Dube’s music not only provided an outlet for enjoyment but also served as a vehicle for political advocacy. Revealing the oppressive conditions endured by black South Africans. Dube’s origins in reggae demonstrate how Africans were able to assimilate. Incorporate elements of the Black Diaspora while preserving their originality.

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His influence is evident in the global appreciation of his music, as in 2008’s compilation album “Retrospective in the U.S.”. Which featured some of his greatest hits and was released in honor of his role in the abolition of the apartheid regime in South Africa. His music continues to captivate the hearts and minds of people around the world. As such, Dube is a legendary figure in South African music. Lucky has been a source of inspiration for generations of performers and fans.


Lucky Dube’s career took off in the early 1980s when he and his band, The Love Brothers, signed to Teal Records and recorded their debut album, “Lucky Dube and The Supersoul”. After releasing a few more albums, his sound engineer advised him to remove “Supersoul” from the band’s name, and Dube subsequently released his music under the Lucky Dube moniker. During his live performances, Dube observed the audience’s enthusiasm for his reggae songs, and he developed a strong connection to the social and political messages of the genre, especially those relating to Jamaica’s struggle against racism and colonial oppression. In 1984, he released a reggae-influenced mini-album entitled “Rastas Never Die“, but the apartheid regime banned the song due to its “criticizing” lyrics.

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Luck Dube Children and Wife

Lucky Dube married Zanele Mdluli, with whom he has seven children, all named after him. His children are Bongi, Nonkululeka, Thokozani, Laura, Syia, Philani, and Melokuhle.

Lucky will always be remembered for the fight for equality, social justice, and love for humanity.

Lucky Dube - Remember Me
Remember Me.

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