Sarabi Band is a famous Kenyan Band. Which is undeniably the best live outfit in East Africa. With their contagious energy at its center.

From left to right Antony kimangu, Haron Waceke, John Maluni, Peter Mbau, Ambasa Mandela, Adam Mwadama, Jack Muguna and Bernard Odour (SARABI BAND 2011).
From left to right Antony kimangu, Haron Waceke, John Maluni, Peter Mbau, Ambasa Mandela, Adam Mwadama, Jack Muguna and Bernard Odour (SARABI BAND 2011).

Sarabi band Background

Sarabi band was formed in 2006. The band members were at the age of 11 – 14 which was a boy band, and in 2014, Christabel (Bella) Were joined the band. Jack Muguna left the band. For a jazz music tour in China. He joined the band again in 2016 making SARABI 9 members

Nyef Nyef Official Video.

A year after formation. SARABI was invited to participate in the 2006 World Urban Forum. In Vancouver Canada. Where they shared the stage with the Moipei Quartet and GidiGidi Maji Maji. As part of the tour. The band published a book image in the MDGs. The publication provided a compelling structuring element. For discussing development strategies and policies, and understanding the global dimension. Within which their voices can be heard. They were addressing the United Nation’s pledge to address global poverty.

Origin Nairobi, Kenya

Genre Benga, afrobeat, rock, East African rhythm, and Reggae (Posh Mill Oregorego music)

Years Active 2006 – Present

Sarabi band Members

The band involves 9 individuals

  • Benard Oduor – Drums and Vocal
  • Christabel were( Bella)- vocals
  • Jack Muguna lead guitar
  • Peter Mbau acoustic/lead guitar, vocals
  • Ambasa Mandelalead vocal
  • Haron WacekeBass guitar, Vocals
  • Antony KimanguPercussion Analyst
  • Adam Mwadama acoustic guitar, vocals
  • John Maluni Keyboard
Contagious SARABI moment on Stage
Contagious SARABI moment on Stage.

SARABI is a unit. They flourish to show the equivalent in front of an audience. With music that fixates on Social Justice. Is the striking voice of the young.

Their music is electrifying, connecting with, enthusiastic, and hard-hitting. With vitality as a focal component. It is a mix of customary East African rhythms. Benga and Afro Beat. Combined with Rock and Reggae.

Sarabi Band - Unite mash up Tumechoka
Acoustic show at Alliance Francaise.


Sarabi’s Music was wholesome. A mix of different traditional Kenyan sounds, acapella, and traditional Kenyan drums. This set a foundation for Sarabi’s music. Their instruments set-up was simple, five Kalapapla barrels, two Mbumbumbu bass barrels, two guitars, calabash, and congas.


Social Justice Music

In 2013 SARABI launched its first album. At the Alliance Francaise. Dubbed Oyaore (New Dawn). In 2014 SARABI had a monthly show titled Kings of the Arena. Which made their music become more famous.

In 2013, SARABI delivered a solitary Fuata Sheria (Respect the law). The lyrics outline the struggle and corruption. In Kenya at 50-plus years. It features significant defilement embarrassments. That has never been settled. Commitment stretches out to their own neighborhoods. From showing kids from the casual settlement of Kibera. To mentorships for kids in the ghettos. As they call it, ‘The Humble Kingdom’.

In 2016 SARABI launched a documentary film titled Music is Our Weapon. Which is a film about the intensity of music as a device for social change. It was directed and produced by Taye.

SARABI Band Tours

SARABI has become one of East Africa’s most well-known live groups. Performing thrice
at the Sauti Za Busara Festival in Zanzibar. Selam Festival in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

Bayimba International Festival in Kampala Uganda. DOADOA Cultural Market in Jinja Uganda.

Tanzania’s East African Vibes Concert. Facilitated by Culture and Development East Africa (CDEA) in Dar es Salaam. Karibu Music Festival in Bagamoyo Tanzania.

SARABI had a fruitful 2015 summer visit. In Europe performing at Africa Oyé Festival in Liverpool UK. Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

SARABI was an Exhibit Performer. At the World Music Expo (WOMEX) in Budapest Hungary in October 2015.

In 2017 Mandela took a break from the Band. SARABI had to fill Mandela’s place with Bella, Adam, Bernard, and Mbau leading on vocals.

The same year SARABI had a Spring tour. Gracing ISFit in Norway. Performing at clubs Atlas, Huset, Global CPH, and Klaverfabrikken in Denmark. And SELAM Festival Sweden.

In 2019 SARABI and Mandela reunited on Thursday Night Live At J’s. In 2020 SARABI and Mandela rocked the stage of Sauti za Busara. With their contagious energetic show.

In 2021 SARABI and Ambasa Mandela had a successful tour in South Sudan.

We shall update more on upcoming gigs.

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