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Rahaf Mohammed Bio, Age, Husband, Book, And Canada Asylum

Rahaf Mohammed is an Asylum seeker and Liberal-feminist from Saudi Arabia. She made international headlines when she fled Saudi Arabia for Australia. On January 5, 2019, she was detained by Thai police while transiting through Bangkok airport from Kuwait to Australia.

Rahaf Mohammed eventually fled her violent family in Saudi Arabia in early 2019—but barely made it to Bangkok before her passport was revoked. If she was forced to return home, she was certain she would be slain, as had other rebel women in her nation. As guys hammered on the door of her barricaded hotel room, she set up a Twitter account. The teen went out to the world, and the world responded—she got 45,000 followers in one day, and those followers assisted her in seeking refuge in the West.

Rahaf Mohammed Biography

Mohammed left her family in Kuwait and caught a flight to Bangkok, Thailand, while they were on holiday. She planned to take another airplane to Australia to seek asylum. She had been granted a tourist visa, allowing her to enter Australia. Following her escape from Kuwait, her family allegedly filed a missing person report. When she arrived at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, a guy greeted her without revealing that he was a Saudi embassy employee and asked for her passport so that he could assist her in obtaining a Thai visa. He walked away with her passport and never returned. Mohammed had no intention of leaving the airport’s transit zone and hence did not need a Thai visa.

Photo of Rahaf Mohammed.
Mohammed in 2019.

Thai authorities detained her in the Miracle Transit Hotel at the airport. She locked herself in a hotel room and tweeted;

based on the 1951 Convention and the 1967 Protocol, I’m rahaf mohmed, formally seeking a refugee status to any country that would protect me from getting harmed or killed due to leaving my religion and torture from my family.

Rahaf Twitter.

The tweet spread rapidly as a result of international lawyer Mahmoud Refaat‘s reactions on Twitter. She intervened and rescued Rahaf from potential deportation. In a series of posts Rahaf renounced Islam, it was concerned that if deported to Saudi Arabia, she would be murdered by her family.

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This received worldwide support, with over 500,000 tweets using the hashtag “#SaveRahaf.” She posted a photo of her passport in one of her tweets. Sophie McNeill, an Australian ABC journalist, flew to Bangkok, slipped inside her room, and barricaded herself with Mohammed to protect herself. She was imprisoned, and she permitted her friend to tweet on her behalf.

Rahaf Mohammed Age

Rahaf was born on March 11, 2000. Born to her father who is the Ha’il Region town governor of al-Sulaimi. Her family allegedly kept her up for months, exposing her to physical and psychological abuse. Her father, on the other hand, denied abusing her. Rahaf also said that her cousin threatened her with death since she no longer practices Islam. According to Saudi Sharia law, apostasy in Islam is a capital offense punishable by death.

Rahaf Mohammed Family

Mohammed’s family issued a statement denouncing her.

We are the family of [Rahaf] Mohammed al-Qunun in Saudi Arabia. We disown the so-called ‘Rahaf al-Qunun’ the mentally unstable daughter who has displayed insulting and disgraceful behavior.

Mohammed’s disowning statement.

After finding that her family had disowned her, she opted to remove al-Qunun from her name and go by “Rahaf Mohammed.”

Rahaf Mohammed Husband

She has not revealed whether she is in a relationship as she likes to keep her personal life private.

Rebel Book- Rahaf

Rahaf Mohammed shares her extraordinary narrative in her own words. Revealing previously unknown details about life in the secretive kingdom. Young women are raised in a harsh system that places them under the legal jurisdiction of a male guardian. Raised with great wealth, but under the tyrannical influence of her male relatives, especially her high-profile political father. Rahaf suffered an abusive upbringing in which tyranny and deception were the norms.

Rebel is a magnificent and life-affirming story of one woman’s dogged search for freedom. Moving from Rahaf’s early days on the underground web network of Saudi runaways who utilize coded entries. To learn how to abandon the brutalities of their nation for her single escape to Canada.