Jewish Wealth, Judaism, Banks, And Investment Strategies

American Rapper and business mogul Jay-z is quoted in his track THE STORY OF OJ   

You wanna know what`s important than throwin`away money in a strip club? Credit. Have you ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This is how they did it…

Judaism and Wealth

Judaism doesn’t cast poverty as a sign of righteousness. Jewish believe everybody should be gainfully employed to earn their living. They also believe in giving part of their income towards Religious and Charitable causes. Rich Jewish give away 10-20 % of their money for such causes.

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This might sound illogical, but Jewish (and Christian) tradition teaches that when you give your money away, more will return to you. A generous person that gives and never asks is regarded as successful and trusted. More business will go your way.

Jewish Invest
High Resolution Invest Concept

However, they don’t believe in relying on charity to lift themselves up and certainly not to become a burden to the community.

European Jews couldn’t own land

Jews in Europe couldn’t own land from as far as medieval times. They, therefore, found alternative ways of building wealth. Trade and merchandising were top on the list. This created a safety net for them as their services were frequently needed.

Jewish Opened the first Banks

It is believed that Jews invented the banking system owing to their history of lending money for interest. They could manage transactions, transfers, and day-to-day financial activities and continued charging interest putting to practice their strong background in finance.

Jewish are Most Educated

Jews receive 13.4 years of schooling on average. They also hold 61% of the qualifications of post-secondary education. The belief here is more credentials lead to a higher starting salary and this improves the Jewish financial status right after university.

Jewish look after each other

The Jewish have deep pride in sharing wealth to benefit their community. This ensures each member of their community is supported to enable them to succeed. If someone opens a business, the community rallies behind them to support it.

Jewish Sharing
Jewish Sharing Meal.

When one falls on hard times, the community helps them out. This ensures everyone survives the hardest times by investing in one another. Wealth is seen as a means to an end to growing a community.

Jewish Believe in the Dignity and Morality of Business

Jews are taught to conduct business honestly and with morality. When you have a product or service that people want or need, then you’re making the world a better place by bringing satisfaction to the customers.

Jewish Parents teach their children the value of money

Children are taught to segregate their money in different jars. I say a child has earned 10 Shillings:

1 Shilling goes to the Tithe jar.

2 Shillings to investing

1 Shilling to savings

5 Shilling to spending jar.

1 Shilling to offering

By using these jars, parents teach their children the value of money at a tender age, and the children, in turn, pass the knowledge to the next generations.

Jewish Networks

Jewish communal life is tied to the Sabbath, the Synagogue, and Jewish celebrations that bring many people together that may not all know each other. These are excellent opportunities to network and build relationships inside and outside the business. 

The message here is that it is important to meet as many people as you can and genuinely have an interest in them. Only by actively engaging with other people, can circumstances of wealth be created. You might have noticed that people tend to do business and favor others with whom they have a relationship. Keep in mind that the key element here is to be genuine. Taking shortcuts and faking your relationships will not take you anywhere in life.

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