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Valerie Thomas is an American inventor and scientist. In 1980, she received a patent for the illusion transmitter she invented. She was in charge of designing the image processing tools for the digital media formats used in the early years of the Landsat program.

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3-D inventor Thomas.

Valerie is a graduate with highest honors in physics. She attended Morgan State University, where she excelled in mathematics and science.

Furthermore, she had fewer educational options than white pupils since she was an African American in a racially segregated culture.

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From 1964 to 1970, Thomas worked as a data analyst at NASA. She worked on real-time computer data systems for satellite operations control centers. Thomas led the Landsat program’s inception (1970–1981). In addition, she became an international specialist in Landsat data products. Her contribution to this initiative added to the work of other NASA scientists in the quest to see Earth from orbit.

Valerie Thomas Age

Thomas was born on February 8, 1943, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America. She is of African American descent. Sir Keith Thomas was Valerie’s husband. A historian from Wales who worked at Oxford University. Sir Keith is well-known for his work on religion and the decline of magic.

Scientist Valerie Thomas

At an exhibition in 1976, Valerie witnessed a light bulb that appeared to be lit even though it had been removed from its socket. The illusion, which comprised a second light bulb and concave mirrors, inspired her.

In 1977, she began her research. Thomas did this by devising an experiment in which she studied the position of a concave mirror. affects the reflected real thing. Thomas would create an illusion transmitter with this technology. Valerie received the patent for the illusion transmitter on October 21, 1980, a technology that NASA still uses today. Above all, Thomas rose through the ranks of the Space Force to become associate chief.

Valerie Thomas Nasa

Thomas began her career at NASA in 1964, as data analyst. Thomas held a number of high-ranking positions at NASA. Including heading the Large Area Crop Inventory Experiment (LACIE) collaboration between NASA, NOAA, and USDA in 1974.

  • Assistant program manager for Landsat/Nimbus (1975–1976),
  • managing the NSSDC Computer Facility (1985).
  • Managing the Space Physics Analysis Network project (1986–1990), and associate chief of the Space Science Data Operations Office.
  • She retired in 1995 and she mentored countless numbers of students in the Mathematics Aerospace Research and Technology Inc. program.
  • Her invention is depicted in a children’s fictional book, television, and video games.

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